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February 20, 2018


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Gah! I love your blogs! They’re informative, opinionated, thoughtful and fun! Not an easy task for a geek! I will always ‘follow’ you, friend, no matter what business you decide to transform with your never ending smarts and ENERGY!!

Stefan Schmugge

You have always been an iconic idol during my career at EMC/DellEMC and I thank you not only for great times with you but also for many many good advice and thoughts you had for me during the journey!
Please always keep the positive energy and the Presales and adventure spirit alive.
I am sure your next step will be epic (as always)!

Best regards from Germany and hopefully see you in Vegas?



You have always been an inspiration as a leader and as an objective technologist. Looking forward to your reinvention.

Tom Howarth

but is it face-melting in awesome that is the real question :)

Vaughn Stewart


Vaughn Stewart

Kudos buddy! Looking forward to Chad 2.0.

Greg Knieriemen


Thank you again for showing the industry how to do it the right way. We are all looking forward to what's next from you and what more we can learn from you!

Gustav Xie

Congratulations Chad! I was expecting your move "up the stack" during past days. :-)

Danny Elmarji

Great read Chad... bye bye http://virtualgeek.typepad.com Hello virtualgeek.io

Darren McCullum

You continue to be an inspiration Chad, even from afar in Aus.
It was awesome working with you in the early vSpecialist days and I wish you every success.
All the best. Darren


All the Best, "Captain Canada"!
Ground control to "Major Chad", we will be watching your space (.io) and continue to be inspired.


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