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August 29, 2017


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DellEMC'er here. I have been working with my customers on cloud DIY vs Consume, educating on EHC & NHC. I am learning a heap but something struck me when it comes to cost transparency....and I am interested in your thoughts here.

For systems of record, IaaS apps, VRB can provide this visibility pretty much out of the box. What if I the CU wants to layer a CaaS or PaaS on IaaS but still provide that cost transparency across the organisation., what if the want to leverage VRB for global visibility from a seperate NHC or PKS stack. At this point I hit roadblocks everywhere.

By their very nature, container platforms abstract the micro services they run. So the usual VM centric approach no longer works... and I get this stuff is not easy. I note that in NHC we have built this style of capability with our own IP and a customer could indeed do this themselves for VRB, but the isn't the point of our stacks is to make it easy.

So I ask. Is there value in providing a single view of organisational cost in EHC/VRB?

IMO - While it might seem trivial, I think this is a big need for customers.


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