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August 29, 2017


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Steve Potter

"Imagine that VxRail and VxRack SDDC become closer".

I'm still at a loss as to why there is any significant separation to begin with. They both came from Project Marvin and EVO and from all appearances should have the same code base. Yet, as a customer, I'm fighting with configuration issues on a VxRack deployment that the PS guys keep saying "yeah, we had a similar problem with the SDDC manager code on VxRail early on". Newer versions of VxRail code have fixed the limitations, but it is like the VxRack code was written in a complete vacuum without any knowledge of VxRail.

Chad Sakac

@Steve - thanks for the comment, and apologies for the delay in my response - have been working furiously :-)

There is almost none of the Marvin codebase in VxRail manager anymore, and while "from all appearances" EVO:RAIL and EVO:SDDC shared a name, they were different engineering teams and code-bases. They are also very much in the past :-)

When we made the decision to pivot away from EVO:RAIL - a part of it was that to move fast you need to have a very tightly aligned product team - not people working at arm's length. Building an HCI system means that while the software is PART of the magic, it's very much about how the system comes together. For example - at the most basic level, how do you do low-level systems operations as part of the higher-order life-cycle operations (node add/remove/update).

VxRail took several turns of the crank before we got it working well enough.

Having been through it - we've been working hard with the VMware Cloud Foundation team, and the software that is uniquely in VxRail (not just HW + vSAN) will also start to appear in VxRack SDDC in the new year.

There are other things too - little things, but important for customers... like can we support the same hardware configurations between VxRail and VxRack. The answer clearly should be YES. Right now it's NO. It will be YES - at which point there's another benefit, which is customer will be able to start with VxRail and move to VxRack SDDC.

Again - thanks for the comments!

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