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May 10, 2017


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ScaleIO is awesome - do we get built in replication or do we have to use recoverpoint ?


Hi Chad, great update! Very cool to hear of Citi's ScaleIO deployment, with 85PB in production - wow! Can you elaborate on AIG's use of vSAN? Is it to a similar scale, also in production, etc.? Your post suggests this, but I am sure many would be interested in details! Thanks again for the writeup...


Any chance ScaleIO will go open source? I could image a whole group of new customers flocking to this awesome solution.


Wow it's 2002 and a storage product just came up with a new efficiency feature called "Thin Provisioning".

Charlie Dellacona

Is the System Overview screenshot from Storage Review actual or mocked up?

If its real then the I/O Workload pane has got a precision problem. The Read and Total bandwidth are shown in GB/S with 2 significant digits, the write bandwidth is shown in MB/S and with 4 significant digits. B/W at a given time for a given box should be shown with the same number of significant digits and in the same unit. Particularly as one is the sum of the other two.

If these numbers are subsequently stored as part of a time series, then the unit and significant digits should stay fixed over the run and be the same for all three.

I know, its a nit. But that's the screen that everybody looks at for the moneyshot, sloppy precision and rounding errors make everything questionable.



there's still no release-date...
Year is coming to an end pretty quickly.


When is the ScaleIO 3.0 Release which has been announced for Q4 2017 at the "Dell EMC World 2017" (May 10, 2017) comming out?

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