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March 06, 2017


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Mike W

Chad I'm confused with what you're saying about DVS - I believe(d) that VxRail and vSAN comes with Distributed vSwitch licensing, and it was configured with DVS out of the box? Regardless of your vSphere license SKU

John Ford

Can't wait for 6.5 support


Mike W you are correct. VxRail always deploys with vDS regardless of the version of vSphere (license applied post-install). This is thanks to the vSAN Enterprise license that's baked into the VxRail platform.

VxRail's update feature (aka rolling updates) relies upon DRS for workload placement when automating the Maintenance Mode operation. Thus we have a safety feature embedded into the update process that needs to be overridden by Dell EMC support when using another vSphere edition (standard, ROBO).

Peter Figueiredo

Finished yesterday upgrading VxRail (from 4.0.100 to 4.0.132). I am pleased that it was a success. Doing a Full Stack upgrade with one click is for me "the killer feature" that made us choose VxRail over any other vSAN Ready Nodes. Over are the times that we took a month to upgrade one Infrastructure.
To improve VxRail further, I would suggest during deployment to have the ability to choose VM Names, DC name, Cluster Name and Datastore Name. Using the default ID's makes things ugly. Also, there should be an automated way to deploy ESRS (and VxRail should also be able to upgrade it). With this we would really achieve an end to end upgrade.
Other than that, I am pretty happy with the outcome :).


2 for 2 going from factory 3.5. The only issue was a vSphere incompatibility with the RP4VM plugin. This KB (https://emcservice.force.com/CustomersPartners/kA2f1000000RMJsCAO) addresses the issue but it really should be fixed coming from the marketplace.

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