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February 09, 2017


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Tell VMware to stop charging $9,424 per CPU per server for VSAN.
VSAN is a ripoff and beneficial to SMBs but VMware DOES NOT CARE about SMBs and therefore charges $11,823 per CPU per server for VSAN.
If VSAN were say $500/node with LIFETIME support then SMBs would buy it and SANs would be out of business.
VMware is greedy, pure and simple.
Tell VMware to stop charging $13,801 per CPU per server for VSAN.


You clearly need a new VMware partner as those prices are far out of line with what VSAN actually costs. The Enterprise edition (most expensive) is far less expensive than the lowest of the three numbers you threw out. I would urge you to engage with any competent VMware Premier partner to do a VSAN assessment for you and show you the REAL ROI/TCO of VSAN vs traditional and competing solutions. I'm confident you will find it compelling! (Oh, and there is a great VSAN option for SMB's as well with the ROBO package which is licensed per VM!!)



Unfortunately Tom is right. We've been looking at vSAN for our "next gen" cloud, and the licensing is really expensive even with heavily rebated VCAN/VSPP(we are the largest service provider in northern europe).
The hardware cost is less than a third of the license cost.
External storage including rack/cooling/power/operational costs etc is less than the license of vSAN alone.
Combine that with the flexibility of external storage and vSAN is just not an option.

Chad Sakac

@Taliz, I have to say, I think Tom is not right. Drop me a line, I want to double-click on it with you!

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