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January 20, 2017


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Doug B

Great post, Chad! Quite exhausting to read, as usual, but chock-full of good stuff with a good deal of personal experience tossed in.

Probably my favorite is, "It’s because there are FACTS, and fact-free society can lead to fake news, which can lead to a lot of really, REALLY wrong ideas winning – not because they are right, but because they “sound right”."

Too true. So many people these days are offended or have their feelings hurt when presented with facts that contradict their opinions. I don't know if they teach it any more in grade school, or if people just aren't listening: opinion <> fact, no matter how much you "believe" in your opinion.

(Disclaimer: I work for VMware, but that has nothing to do with my opinions... the ones that are just that and subject to change when confronted with facts to the contrary) ;)

Daniel Gomes



Virtual Geek,

You are drinking too much of the liberal Kool-Aid. Justin Trudeau was a substitute drama teacher before riding his daddy's coat tails. I will not be recommending and more Emc/Dell/VMware solutions ad I will make sure to let all my customers know Dell is spreading hatred about the president of the United States.

Thanks for making your bigotry known.


Great post Chad, agree with almost everything you say including the thoughts about the administration.

But... as a customer interested in VMware Cloud Foundation and VxRack, where is the documentation? :)
I've looked all over EMC's support pages but all I find is FLEX, NOTHING about the SDDC version.

Chad Sakac

@Doug, @Taliz, @Daniel - thanks all for the feedback.

@Bilyjonespoops - thank you, even to you, for contributing to the dialog.

1) I don't care if someone was a teacher, a business person, a lawyer, and engineer, a scientist. Character is destiny. My comments are about what I see as character. Justin is doing just fine, but is far from perfect - and I feel I have a duty to hold him accountable (one way or another). It's about country/people - it's not a partisan issue or question.

2) You are of course welcome to say anything you want - I'd encourage you to direct your customers to the post and they can judge for themselves. I don't think I'm spreading hatred - but surely you believe in the first amendment and free speech. Mine is free, and so is yours.

3) Why is it that troll-style comments are anonymous? It really, REALLY weakens your argument. If you're so sure, so confident - why not say who you are, post your email, step out of the shadows? It's an interesting fact - anonymity brings out what some people hide deep, deep inside. Be brave. Be transparent. You know who I am - who are you? Your twitter profile suggests that you're a Macaedonian pay-to-operate, or a Russian cyber operator. Maybe not - I'm sure I could be wrong? Of course - only one way to know - step out of the shadows. Be brave, and REALLY engage in the discourse of democracies.

Greg Salintias

Hey, if its so bad here in the US, with President Trump, then stay in your own country.
Quitchabithin... Stay north.
Where was the uproar from you when Obama implemented 6 travel bans during his administration? Your rants are somewhat hypocritical and you should use another blog to express your political views. You are not doing your organization any favors.

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