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October 20, 2016


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@Chad - when you pick UCS are you choosing to build for density? aka so many servers per rack? With UCS you can create profiles and as many virtual nic's/hba's as you want. However, that is ONLY as good as the driver is good. Meaning you can't BUILD for availability as there is no way to put other PCI cards into the blade? So if the driver crashes you are SOL. I've had this already happen once with the network driver. If you had a 2u box aka non-blade you could put in multiple vendor adapters thus it would use different drivers.

Stephen Fulmer

You did not say anything about HP. :)

Matthias Werner

Thanks Chad for clarifying!
However, I'd say that the real question is "how much focus will VBlock get compared to the "Racks and Rails" in Dell EMC's portfolio?
Right now, I see hardly any!

Bhavin Shah

Chad- As of today, what is the current situation for VBlock and VXBlock for the virtual switch.

If the customer buys VXBlock today, what options they have for virtual switch ? (AVS, DVS, N1KV)

Same question for VBlock, what options they have for virtual switch ( AVS, DVS, N1KV) ?

You can provide the answer based on the latest RCM matrix as of now.




Just a note in your picture the toast is not burnt. It is the cheese that is burnt so seeing burnt toast might be a misnomer from the start. Pattern recognition and cognitive attention choice/filters are massively important in how we understand the world. They inform our opinion not truth :). Although truth is unique to our POV. :)

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