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September 16, 2016


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Great post as always Chad.


"Moral of the story? Be good. Be passionate, but don’t be a fanatic. Focus on the customer. Don’t bear grudges. You never know when an enemy will be a friend – so make friends, not enemies."

Couldn't be more true! It's a small small world. We are all as players on different teams in the same League. Be a proponent of the League! Support the League and its Community. Play hard and play to win, but the players on the other team might soon be your very own teammates. Players get traded. Teams merge or dismantle. We're just one big family. Make friends over your common passion for the League and its advancement.

Great post!

Chad Sakac

@jason - thanks man! Hope you are well, it's been too long since I've seen you!

Daniel Hebert

"Cute, but wrong." I am pretty sure my wife tells me that a lot :)


I'm thrilled that we're now a Nutanix partner. I've been curious about their product since before VSPEX Blue launched and before I was at EMC.

We absolutely do have the strongest hyperconverged portfolio - the only hyperconverged portfolio, really. XC fills a gap for customers who want the operational simplicity of a HCIA, but operate in a multi-hypervisor, or non-vSphere environment.


Wasting time. Dell and EMC and the whole GCI space is eventually going to be eaten up by Google, aws and azure. Hardware dog days are over. Might as well move to the cloud now.

Max Mortillaro

Hi Chad. VCE, Nutanix AND Dell XC customer here. Seeing you at Nutanix HQ with Dheeraj and Sudeesh was a heartwarming sight, a sign that people can work in the same industry, be competitors, but still get along as human individuals motivated by passion in what they do. It's a punch in the face to all the individuals who act like jerks on social media and drink too much kool-aid.

I follow a lot what happens in the social media space and in the industry. While I can agree that from time to time arguments can get a bit hotter or out of control, there's one attitude I've constantly disliked: when putting the blame on/attacking one competitor or another, you may also unwillingly indirectly attack a customer and their IT strategy, which may impact your business with them. That's why I'm also an advocate of the "be passionate / don't be a fanatic" mantra. You never know where you will end up and with whom you'll work next.

Now to the comment above about cloud and hardware dog days: moving to the cloud makes sense only if your applications have been tailored to run on cloud-based infrastructures. If you think you can move around the hundreds of thousands of legacy applications that currently run in many companies (and are likely to still run for the next 5 to 10 years): sorry to say so but you're wrong. It's not just a matter of will, but also of money, strategy and corporate latency - in some places, changes take months or years to happen. 5 to 10 years of selling hardware and software, whether hyper-converged or not, is still a lot of money to be made.

Yves Marant

As usual Chad, You are awesome!! Great & relevant post about HCI coverage

Chad Sakac

@Aaron - being good is... well... good :-)

@Daniel - I get that one at home too!

@VxRaptor - I agree!

@Rasmus - cute, but wrong. there's no question that huge swaths of workloads are going to public clouds. Even BIGGER swaths are going to SaaS. I don't have to guess - I know :-) We sell to both. That said - in my experience anyone that thinks that all workloads (a very polar position) will move off premises has little experience with: a) Enterprise workloads/governance; b) public cloud economic models with steady-state scaled workloads. As much as human minds love polarizing, binary positions, the world is wonderfully diverse :-)

@Max - I agree. I have fallen off the wagon myself when it comes to Social Media (it's hard, and we're all human).

Lisa Scheuplein

Chad, thanks for another thoughtful block.

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