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June 13, 2016


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Chad - do you see VXRAIL getting FC HBA support, perhaps in the 1U1N or 2U1N form factors?

Chad Sakac

@Jose - thanks for the Q! No plans for FC attached storage. Kinda runs opposite to the hyper-converged direction.... Do expect dense storage oriented 2U1N variants, though. There is a need for very non-linear CPU/Memory/Storage scaling.... Wondering what use case you're thinking of - want to make sure we're not missing something!


Hi Chad, when will it be possible to start with a 3-node configuration?



I've read two of your energetic posts about VXrail. Good job on getting people excited but I haven't seen any use case anywhere. Can you point me to any white paper on how organizations are using VXrail?

I'm looking for a HCI solution. Every vendor touts best of breed, low cost to entry, scale out easily and their technology is the best etc but I'm finding that isn't the case. Since you're talking about EMC VXRail, let me put a few concerns I have about it on the table.

Best of breed
Every vendor has their own software to run, only time will tell who's the winner. I haven't seen any comparison charts to compare. Please share if you have any numbers.

Low cost to entry
Out of the gate VXrail is almost twice as much compared to a traditional compute nodes and SAN. On top of that going with VXRail will require VMWare Enterprise Plus licenses vs others who can use VMWare Enterprise license as is.

Scale out easily
OK, I will give HCI that but this applies to all manufactures, not just EMC.

Joh Nicholson


VxRAIL doesn't require Enterprise Plus (and keep in mind Virtual SAN includes a vDS license and NIOC so customers using Enterprise would get the most useful feature they need).


Talking about price difference with traditional solutions - aren't all required licenses included in the VxRail package?

The price of smallest VxRail 60 starts with $60K.S What vendor sells the traditional solution with comparable specs for $30K?

Also, traditional compute nodes and shared SAN still present a SPoF compared to HCI solution.

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