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June 10, 2016


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Peggy Lambdin

I DO remember those days at Cisco - I was employee #895. It was an exciting time! Now I am with EMC at the end of their era and saying goodbye not only to Joe but someone special in my 4 year working career as well. I now look to the new with Michael and Dell with enthusiasm. Onward and UPWARD!

Craig Stewart

Change is constant and studying the trends, adapting accordingly and seeking the next new personal opportunity / challenge is key. I had the pleasure of working as part of your original vSpecialist team and I love seeing where all those super talented vSpecialists have now ended up (both EMC and beyond). There are so many success stories and everyone has found and followed their own, often diverse paths. They've adapted to the constant change thrown at them. I myself have gone from vSpecialist to account SE to SE Manager to Account Manager on a large global account (I'm not copying your career path btw) and there have been many ending of eras along that way, personally I am looking forward to what the new Dell Technologies Era and the opportunities that opens up.

Steve Karkenny

I love your optimistic view about these changes because it makes me excited for the future of my career (I just started as an ASE for EMC and am in GSAP now). I personally like change and I hope the merger will allow us to do some really awesome stuff in the future.

Thanks for he great blog :).

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