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June 07, 2016


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Peter Watt

So, do you support Cisco ACI virtual switches on the Vblock?

walter baziuk

Great article Chad!

it answers all the NSX/ACI, vblock/vxblock std q's

IMHO, the future will be NSX atop ACI
IMHO, ACI is not quite ready for prime time. I have been battling with my Cisco team for 3 years on the whole ACI /NSX and they are just now seeing the light. Just like any best practice, no single vendor has ALL the solutions. VCE continues to drive to all best integrated and converged solutions. for better security posture we added HyTrust and F5 Big-IP

Peter Watt

So, do you support Cisco AVS distributed switch? Why won't you answer?

Jorge Luis Hernandez

Very helpful your article, I'm VCI, and in my NSX classes, I have many students that use vBlock and want to use NSX.

Chad Sakac

@Peter - no we do not support the AVS. Why won't I answer - a lot of balls in the air amigo :-) No conspiracy - just busy... Q: Now, would we support it going forward? A: completely open. Today, not seeing a lot of demand. In fact, seeing that most people are finding the VDS gets the job done, and is solid as a rock.


thanks for shared wonderful information of giving best information.its more useful and more helpful. great doing keep sharing


We're looking at licensing a subset of our vBlock hosts for NSX. Are we able to continue using 1000v in our existing hosts/clusters and then use VDS on a newly built hosts/cluster that would utilize NSX functionality? Or would we have to convert the entire environment to VDS/VxBlock? Curious where the "NSX and 1000v aren't compatible" line is drawn and what your recommendation would be?

Michael Fortuna

Hi Chad, Has the AVS support been revisited for VXBlock? Just looking to see if support has changed since the end of June...


Michael Fortuna

Hi Chad, Any update on my AVS question?



vSphere 6.0+ drops support for AVS and any 3rd-party vendors that require access to the kernel. Adds complexity and risk stability of the kernel.


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