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May 03, 2016


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David Holmes

Hi Chad

Another fabulous post that's got my mind racing. A couple of questions:

1. If I do want to 'roll my own' PAAS stack, then Is Neutrino still right for me if NHC isn't?
2. If I've made an investment in Mesos, can I still leverage this with the PCF integrations delivered through EMC{code} et al?
3. Presumably, as a developer I can lean hard into NHC without caring at all which underlying IAAS (OpenStack, Photon, Apache) my IT ops team prefers?

PS your last two links (to the demo and Neutrino post) didn't make it into the post :-)

Chad Sakac

@David - thanks, and I do have "post EMC World" clean-up to do on this and other posts. So much happens so fast, that invariably as a human, I drop some balls :-)

1) If you want to "roll your own" PaaS stack, then VxRack Neutrino Nodes can still be for you, but NHC is not. VxRack Neutrino is a turnkey "cloud native optimized IaaS platform" - one you can layer PaaS on top of. Of course, if you ask me, I would go turnkey all the way up to the PaaS layer.

2) Right now, VxRack Neutrino and Mesos are mutually exclusive. One way to think of Mesos is as a form of "cloud native optimized IaaS". We support, embrace the "built it yourself" approach (all that EMC{code} goodness as an example. Perhaps over time, we can add deeper Mesos integration, but for now, if you go the Mesos route - it's a "build" not a "buy".

3) Leaning in hard to NHC means that you are leaning in hard into the "just make everything up to PCF turnkey, and I'll focus there".

Thanks for the questions - keep 'em coming!

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