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March 30, 2016


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your link to download ScaleIO is not good.... a C is missing :-)

Chad Sakac

@jihefge - thanks, fixed!

Jan Schermer

1) ScaleIO is _not_ free for any production or development (=production) use. It's nice how you talk around that, good job

2) ScaleIO license explicitely forbids publishing benchmarks. It's nice how you talk around that too.

More honesty would make you seem credible and not sleazy.

Chad Sakac

@Jan - thx for the comments. "Credible and not sleazy" ouch. Not sure I deserve that, but hey, all comments get posted here.

1) I have NEVER said that ScaleIO support is free, only freely available. The EULA is there to make it clear: if you want support, you buy the product, period. Do you know of ANY product that has support at not cost? Is that not reasonable? And yes, we have had numerous instances of people taking the bits, deploying in production and THEN demanding support without paying. Fact. It is freely available, and has no limits. If you never call in for support - no one will call you. That's as "freely available" as anything in life.

2) I fought with legal on that one (and will still do so). I think it's a bad clause. We have had many people benchmark and post openly like the Storage Review (with no oversight, no edits). I would FIGHT for your right to do that. If you have the courage of your convictions - let's go for it (and I will fight at your side if anyone comes after you). My only ask - make a genuine and honest set of tests and feedback (hopefully you would be willing in spite of clear skepticism :-)

My advice (feel free to ignore) - there are ways to disagree without being disagreeable. Try it - one makes more friends that way - even when you disagree! Hope to see you face to face one day, and we can discuss personally (I find this remains the only way to see people's hearts - which the web tends to obscure).

Jan Schermer

1) touche, I can use it for production internal use, but not much else. Given that any (larger than tiny) company has 3rd party developers and suppliers running their bits on the infrastructure, it's simply not feasible as the universal storage solution - since that's the scenario I'm interested in then it's not free for production use in my head. But I apologize for that, I was wrong.

2) an unnamed software/hardware vendor also promised things that later their LMS department ignored (and no one inside the company could really stop it, being a completely autonomous bulldog-deparment). If you're willing to take the bullet then I'll ask you for a written permission to publish benchmarks if the time comes, but I'm not going to risk being sued.

Both point are important because people unfortunately usually don't read licenses (not even in corporate environment), and that becomes very pricey very fast when an audit comes.
I've encountered more than one incident of that...

Re: your final point - yeah, you're right, I just don't like marketing bs and this blog had a bit too much of that lately :) it's almost like reading a product brief, pun intended
I'll give you credit though, still better than most other blogs on the scene.


Has anyone worked on integrating ScaleIO with LDAP? If yes, can you share your inputs on how you guys did it? Thanks!

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