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March 01, 2016


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Matt Vogt

*Disclaimer - SimpliVity employee

Good post, as usual, Chad. Always appreciate your take (and enthusiasm!)

Quick note and exception to "it appears their other hyper-converged OEMs weren’t answer enough". I assume you're primarily referring to SimpliVity.

Our partnership isn't an OEM - was never intended to be. It's 100% meet in the channel (ala FlexPod).

I'd hardly call shipping 1000 OmniStack integrated Cisco 240 units in the first year of a partnership 'unsuccessful'.

While we love our partnership with Cisco, OmniStack was/is built to be platform agnostic (see our whitebox, Lenovo partnership, more coming) and that is our GTM strategy.

As you well know, Cisco partners with many players, always has. They will continue to partner with EMC as well as SimpliVity.

Cheers to your team, the SpringPath team and to Cisco.

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