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February 10, 2016


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Hi Chad

As Jase (MCCarty) pointed out the erasure coding is per disk :)

"#VSAN62 Erasure Coding, is it per VM? Nope it is per object. So a single VM can have multiple “Failure Tolerance Method” policies Mirror/EC"

That would look perfect even for traditional workloads (Imagine the usual database with a mix of raid 5 and raid 1 disks to separate log and data files).

Thank you

Have a great day!!



Yeah, Everything is awesome !!!!
except one tiny detail: Vsan licensing model - makes it not feasible option for many biz cases. Obviously it's bundled with view - the perfect use case, but Imo Vmware needs to unshackle it from heavy burden of overpriced licensing model for it's to shine.


Great article! Very clear and useful to shorten someone's nose xD

"The obvious downside was that this results in a “right out of the gate” effective capacity reduction that can be a minimum of 33% and 50% maximum"

I believe, this numbers are for EC not Mirror configuration! Looking to the table below: FTT=2, 5 Host, 3x capacity req - so it's 66% cap reduction

PS Links (Get it here) in 2b,2c and 2d are broken

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