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August 31, 2015


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Sean Pedrosa


I am so glad I found this blog, everything you have described here is what I addressed in my email to you and Chris.

My conclusion is exactly as you have drawn on, VxRack makes perfect sense in this space of what I have now learned as Structured and Unstructered PaaS. Before I would just describe it as just CF or DIY PaaS :-) GE Appliances and GrubHub at DockerCon 2015 are great examples of the Unstructured PaaS side of things.

The business value customers are creating out of moving this way is phenomenal and as you correctly stated, this whole debate about this evolving, fast paced eco system on delivery mechanisms, one way vs another, are entirely missing the point. THAT's the really GREAT thing about this space, you have such immense choice to do what is BEST for your unique business requirements and with the unique employees you have.

As we know, every week a new tool is mentioned and released in the opensource community. When you have the flexibility at a MicroService/Container level to take on more risk with trialing new tools, because applications are not Infrastructure dependent, you start to really find new value adds and potential improvements on the day to day services you deliver internally or externally.

Really great post and aligns to everything I have been reading.

p.s. we need to change the language we use in this space for example when talking to people dealing in this area its not storage, its persistence etc....

Chad Sakac

@Sean - thanks bro - keep up your furious learning, and read my Q4 memo carefully. I'm thinking of you (and many of your kindred spirits amongst the SE family :-)


Hi Chad, thanks for it. Just wanted to follow what Matt did with Twitter and VMworld, however it seems not to live anymore? or is the link broken? http://tweets.vmworld.emccode.com/

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