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May 04, 2015


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Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

Are you able to give any insight into when the VNX well get support for VVOLs?

I assume from your comments in the past that the current VNXe3200 will get an update later this year and the VNX will require new VNXe like hardware in the form of the VNX3.

Many thanks

Chad Sakac

@Mark - as always, thanks for the Q!

Support for the VVOLs on the VNX family will arrive in Q3 2015 on vVNX, then 1H 2016 for the VNXe. I'd share the VNX plan, but still don't feel comfortable as it's a moving target. We know we need to bring VVOL use cases to the VNX customer base.

I do think we're a little behind, yes - and the teams are working on it furiously. What I'm seeing is that 2015 is the year of "trying on" VVOLs - and with VVOL 2.0 support arrives for remote replication support in the VASA API. This means that while we ARE behind (acknowledged!) - our commitment to be there across the portfolio remains solid.

We were there from the get go, and furiously in sync (as you can see from the years of demos at VMworlds past), but as we got to the finish line for the vSphere 6 release - our release schedules just didn't match up (and VVOL support is, in my view a major release).

It's not a pretty situation, but we are on it!

Brian Shimkus

Can the OVA be deployed using VMware Workstation? Are there any modifications to the VM settings in order to get it to work?

When the OVA is imported into VMware Workstation, once powered on, it appears to hang during the boot process.


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