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April 21, 2015


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DevOps Day SOLD OUT!!!


Hi Chad,

I have not missed an EMCWorld since 2010 - first few years as partner then as customer (United Nations). I have one complaint/sugestion - can you please direct it to the appropriate team.

It's about the quality of the recorded technical sessions that are released after the conference. In 2013 there were slides and audio only, last year there was video, but almost no slides visible. I wish the EMCWorld team could look at the way VMWorld and CiscoLive sessions are recorded and published - the video of the speaker is in the corner and the slides are visible all the time, the script can be searched, and there is navigation for the slides.

Thanks and looking forward to see your presentation - always fun and always technical.

Burhan Halilov
Storage Administrator
United Nations HQ
[email protected]

Chad Sakac

@JP DevOps day was a huge hit! Obviously we'll plan it even bigger next year!

@7400N (Burhan) - thank you for being a partner and a customer for years! Let me know if we did better this year. I'll make sure the feedback is heard!

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