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April 01, 2015


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Franklin Page

To Ken and Skipper,

Sure we all miss Ken but Skipper was the brains behind building this for someone we will always care about and miss in our workplace.


Fantastic! That's love and dedication. Thanks!

Ken Gebhard

This team is family and they are and always will be special to me. An exceptional group of caring, talented people. And you nailed it on the head when you said; "it shows love, thanks, and a dedication of the person’s team to that individual." We truly care about each other. Shout out to EMC employees Amy Smith, Don Edlin, Brent White and Brad Elliott as they've always taken good care of us.


As a 15-year EMCer, it's fantastic to read such a story of how everyone's customer-first dedication at EMC fosters a deep bond between our customers and us.
Thanks for sharing this, Chad.

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