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March 10, 2015


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Kishor Bhagwat

As usual an insightful post!
If you map that illogical circle to how a Hadoop initiative moves through an organisation..i'd wager that its moving from 'engineering'("i want to build it") through to operations("one more monkey to support"), procurement(lockin?price?) and end user("whats easiest/fastest")!

Herve Oliny

This is so close to what I live everyday, Chad, thanks for putting the words on so many customers experiences.
One could also mention OpenStack : "should I go with an appliance or should I build my own?", is my personal struggle these days.
And, as you said, it's all about the business models, time-to-market, supportability.

Disclaimer : I, too, work for EMC.


And there you go again - factoring logic into the equation :). Excellent post - thank you, Chad.


Spot on Chad....the seduction of Build-Your-Own with COTS hardware is akin to the Sirens of Greek mythology. They call you in with "your smart enough to make this work!" and "you'll save the company millions!" -then leave you devastated in a shipwreck of missed SLAs. The icing on the cake is its not as simple as deploying an appliance to undo the chaos caused -it typically requires a complete re-working of the solution architecture and expected SLAs. We must be vigilant in our solution designs and architectural considerations.


am i missing something here,,,,,,, What colour was the dress??? lol
great article, very insightfull

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