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March 09, 2015


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Anne Marie Kadkhodaian

Thank you to Chad and EMC for recognizing the importance and the benefit of diversity. Diversity with women in IT starts with the young ladies prior to University. We must make them aware of the possible careers and benefits so they can enter into extended education with the possibility! If you have a daughter or know someone who does, simply talk to them about what you do and how exciting it is to be on the edge of what is going on in the world!


Points 1 & 3 are good but 2 is flawed if I'm assuming correctly that your reference to women's reproductive rights is primarily about rights that result in the termination of life.

It's not hypocrisy but a choice for the greater good. The support of liberty and freedom of choice are all good when it doesn't result in the death of another person. The right for a human being (Man, women or child) to exist and live trumps the the freedom of choice.

If it's hypocrisy to support life over liberty, a living breathing hypocrite I'll be.

Chad Sakac

@Foshizzle - Thank you for your comment. I understand, respect, but ultimately disagree with your viewpoint.

To me, the fundamental distinction is one of personal choice, and personal responsibility. You have your belief system, I have mine. We can talk, we can disagree, we can debate, and we can be friends before/during/after the debate.

In secular (mostly, but not only) western civilizations, the rule of law (and belief in the system of laws and government/democracy) is the rule. Most secular cultures have enshrined this in their founding principles - and in the US, this is embedded in the constitution, in the principles of the separation of church and state. It's a reflection of the view of the founders that the law of the land is paramount, and no one, no president, no senator, no lawmaker of any kind is above the law.

This is a powerful principle.

Where things go sideways is when one side says "not only do I have my view point that I live my life with... but my viewpoint means that I will enforce my viewpoint on you" - regardless of the rule of law.

Taken to the most ludicrous extreme - it's how the world ends up with "if you draw a drawing of the prophet, you should die", or ISIS in general.

When it comes to reproduction - there's inevitably a point where a society decides on a legal definition of life and self-determination, and Wade v Roe was that choice for America.

Most pregnancies are naturally terminated in the early phases, and hey, many type of contraceptives would also then be on this spectrum of "ending life" (IUDs, morning after pills, or heck - even condoms) - so it highlights that this question of "where does life begin" is inherently subjective (and ultimately, in each civilization, the law draws the line).

Again, I respect your opinion, and presuming you are a woman, if you chose that path for yourself - that would be your choice, and I wouldn't begrudge you.

If you are a woman or a man and imposed that choice on another woman - well then, I disagree with you along the arguments in my post (I believe consistently in the personal liberty, choice, and responsibility).

My comment on hypocrisy may sound harsh (and I know this is a very emotional and loaded topic), but when a system of logic has two core conflicting principles - trying to hang on to both is inherently hypocritical - one must supersede the other.

I respect your right to disagree with me, and suggest the right way to drive that change you believe in is through democracy and the legal system!

Thanks again for the comment - I fiercely believe in free speech!

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