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February 01, 2015


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Lieven Pevenage

more than 20 external public cloud object storage: where can I find a list of these public cloud providers?

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

I really like the idea of EVO:RAIL and have been looking into it for some time.

Great to see that EMC is now on-board and adding some additional value.

I do have a couple of concerns that hopefully you can help with:

1. Why are the licences tied to the hardware?
2. Why are the licences Ent+?
3. Why can we not upgrade one node at a time?
4. Why can we not have different disk specifications/upgrade them?

I did cover this all in a blog in more detail at http://blog.snsltd.co.uk/vmware-evorail-or-vsan-which-makes-the-most-sense/

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Cloud Array VE included is awesome - I also loved the "raw" Cloud Array demo with the "oops ... let's retake that" sections included :D

Nick O.

Hey Lieven,

I'm not sure if EMC will retain the same public cloud providers on CloudArray (I can't imagine why they wouldn't), but the list of partners for CloudArray (back when it was owned by TwinStrata) can be found at the following link: http://www.twinstrata.com/cloud-storage-providers/

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