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February 25, 2015


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Simon DeJonghe

Definitely agree with the suit spots for ScaleIO & VSAN. Customer choice is the strongest selling argument here! About the "frictionless access" to the bits of ScaleIO.... No doubt about that!! Leaving ScaleIO on a USB stick after your meeting at the customer site just proves EMC is all about the software!!


more info on other Software Defined Storage options - https://virtualizationandstorage.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/virtual-sans/


Couldn't agree more on the poop flinging Chad. We are a very long term EMC partner (ie 15yrs) and when we saw the market demand hyper converged a few years back we looked at filling the gap in our solution portfolio. Reading the comments from the two hyperconverged startups on that linked TheRegister article reminds me why we kicked one company to the curb and decided to work with the other. We love new technologies, but the nastiness of some of the new technology prooponents disgusts me.

I love when a new technology busts out the gate full of new ideas and passion, it's why I made a career out of technology solutions. It's hard though to resist barking back on social networking at those shi**ing all over others as a way of growing their market share. One day I will bark back, it will go viral, and I'll probably have to click that job opening link!

P.s the manifesto rocks :)

Diego Nieva

Hi Chad,
I was lucky enough to hear this from you on Sydney's conference (I work for a partner).

I think you are spot on when you say at the beginning that giving customers openness and options makes you more relevant, rather than just another federated and fully aligned company.



VSAN is way WAY too expensive for most SMBs.

VMware doesn't really care about the SMB market, watch for Microsoft to create a VSAN equivalent...

Make ScaleIO free or supercheap for SMBs and make it work with 3 nodes minimum and not care what kind of storage is being used in the nodes, flash, hard drives, magic, whatever...tiering would be nice or just charge a little extra for it...HP's VSA is nice but kinda clunky...

Chad Sakac

@Tom, I'm sure that VMware does care about the SMB market.

That said, note that ScaleIO:
- currently supports 3 more configs
- supports all kinds of storage (as you noted: HDDs, SSDs, PCIe attached flash, and yup, memory is used as a cache also)
- it uses the different storage for different purposes - so reads and writes can be serviced from ram and PCIe flash respectively - and the IOs get thru land on HDDs or SSDs. I wouldn't call that "Tiering" (more like advanced caching), but in a sense the IOs are tiered.

Right now, there's a starter license for 12TB for $10K.

Expect us to make ScaleIO completely frictionless to access. It's awesome - give it a shot!


Jim Millard

It's the same conversation that HP is having with their release of a hyperconverged product that offers both VSAN (via EVO:RAIL) and StoreVirtual (the LeftHand VSA) as the underlying storage options. In no way does one overshadow the other: each may have a place in the client's datacenter, but it's equally possible that *neither* is right. It naturally--and validly--leads to the most common phrase in talking about IT solutions: "It Depends." Options for the client--whether within a vendor suite or between competitors--give him/her the ability to select the best choice for his/her need: there is no *best*, only "the best for us, right now."

Storage The Hyde Ltd.

Pretty interesting! Best regards!

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