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December 15, 2014


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Chad this is Awesome. I think everyone recognises the partner portal is designed by and for marketing people with its all sizzle no steak approach to design.

10 out of 10 for launching the new presales portal it looked awesome. An engineering portal with an engineering design is what was needed.

However now its locked us all out saying that we are accessing 'restricted content'. Anyway we look forward to its return.

Brian H

Hopefully CXP is next.....

Chad Sakac

@BrianH - CXP **IS** next. It will be replaced soon - and the new system is looking AWESOME. My favorite part? Partners and EMC can easily move carts between each other - no fancy tricks needed. Full partner visibility, and the new config tool is looking great.

Fingers crossed!


Allan King

Chad, a big big thank you from Infront's engineering team. A fantastic early Xmas present.


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