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November 14, 2014


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Personally, I think a number of these challenges would be solved if ESX supported native connections to HDFS and/or object stores as a persistent layer. NFS is simple, VMFS is robust, and vVol looks promising but why not something more standardized, modern, horizontally scalable, and open?


Chad Sakac

@BrianTWalter - reality is that HDFS and Object stores are just not good for the transactional load that you find under most VMDKs. The analogy is why AWS has both EBS and local storage (to boot EC2 images and for transactional load) and S3 (for object storage).

It just isn't converging. Models that layer transactional on top of object tend to not be particularly performant for transactional (small IO size, low latency).

Of course, HDFS and Object stores are supported the way they are normally accessed - through the network of the host (in this case a guest VM via the ESX host network stack).

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