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November 19, 2014


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Zach Dickinson

Will this be available as a downloadable demo, similar to ViPR?


chad, would you mind clarifying if both local and remote destinations can exist or one or the other? everything i've read up until this point has said you can do one or the other.

also, can you also confirm that there is no SRM integration on day one?


This is simply a brilliant protection solution - very neat and I love the Open support capability!

Chad Sakac

@Zach - yes, it will - we just want to continue to make it a rock a little longer (after all, the public download is 100% community support). Expect it to post in a bit!

@Duhaas - RP does support simultaneous local and remote - BUT RP4VM does not - YET. You can do local, or remote for a given VM, but not both. Expect this to arrive in 2015. Personally in the meantime, I would use native ESX snaps for local.

@Prem - glad you dig it!

Jay Weinshenker

Chad, you say above " Expect it to be available for anyone to use freely (of course, if you want support, you need to purchase) " The website says Try EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines! Download the software at no charge for non-commercial use. and then on the download page says "• Try Before You Buy Readme,"

So I stay legal - is it trialware or is it free to use in production if I do not buy support? I'm not advocating using this in production without support, but your statement seems contradictory to what is said at the product page and I like my life lawyer free....

Chad Sakac

@Jay - thanks, and I also like my life lawyer free. As the sausage was getting made, at numerous phases people were getting differing impressions of what we're aiming for.

Use it as you see fit. There will be zero support. Anyone using it in production should license.

Raimonds Martinovs

Quite a typical EMC sales pitch. EMC could have written virtual splitter code ages ago, yet they only realistically P2Vs existing physical Recoverpoint so that EMC can sell it, but only use iSCSI - which was really bad (I installed it once - never again). If you think I am afraid to put my name down below - don't. And do not get me started with VNX File/Celerra/Recoverpoint/Avamar/VNXe etc. and other EMC products. etc.

Raimonds Martinovs

Technical true is almost always never welcome by sales people!!!
Unless you have nothing to hide!!!
And I am used to it - no big deal!!!


This is an older thread now, but still valid. I'm curious what people are seeing for performance impacts when having async or sync replication enabled?

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