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September 05, 2014


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Wade O'Harrow

Once again, well said my friend!
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
As somebody who has always tried to find ways to make great solutions scale, you undoubtedly already know that Scale at some point will eventually break everything. It's very interesting to see you point out that what broke with Scale in this case was not the technical solution, but the business operations capability.
More and more applications are pushing the need for platforms which not only need to be Dynamic, but Automatically Dynamic. Pointing to a future of rapid-scaling infrastructure, where COTS+SW capital acquisition economics are going to be balanced with the business operations issues tied to support structures of vendors.
The vendors who master this reality will have a market advantage over those who do not.


While I generally agree and am glad to see the changes at EMC I do wish it would flow to the greater company around the world. Essentially as a customer what I am looking for is COTS hardware (the knowledge it is standard and supportable with generally available kit and people) something I already know the value of. Then a software solution applied on top they can both come from the same supplier but I should have the choice. What I don't want to hear is software licenses tied to hardware appliances or frames. Hardware fails and needs upgrading so why do I have to re license? This is where EMC needs to change.

These are the times of converged infrastructure a path we have already been down and one COTS hardware was born out of. This is why I as a customer work to ensure I don't return to a hole were only just climbing out of.

The other thing I want is data in place it's 2014 and no software update should be destructive all that shows is inexperience and lack of vision in development, no way would my customers stand for that.


Hi Chad, A follow up to the last sentence in my last comment. This was nothing to do with the XtremeIO post (while timely) is born out of VNX and while EMC has done what they need too to help I am not sure it flows to partners (possibly out of fear of lost sale).

As a customer I am happy for work with a vendor as long as I am respected and stepped through a process, I understand innovation I have to do it for my customers.

To use the analogy of the car doing 200 mph while it is rebuild and replaced. If I have to change to new hardware (VNX -> VNX2) then the car is not being upgraded I have to climb out the window and into the new car while doing 200mph. Then following this I am told that my drivers license is not valid for this car (frame licensing) and must be re-purchased I get stuck in a decision loop of:

a. Need new features to deliver improvements
b. Existing kit was a large expense still need to get paid value form it

This is where I praise your efforts to get EMC to a software base with simple licensing of you want support or not.

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