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August 04, 2014


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David Lapadula


Great points -- both on VMax enhancements and branding.

I also think 'first impression' impacts ALL types of 'branding' (personal, corporate and product). By that, I mean the first WIDESPREAD impression something/someone makes defines the 'compass direction' on how the brand will start and evolve. How much it is reinforced and maintained over time shapes how difficult it is to drastically change the brand (inertia), OR how easy it is to incrementally modify the brand view.

For example, my first impression of you was when you helped to get the PMA tool (which used Perfmon as input) out to our channel partners 6-7 years ago. Since then, you have been consistently reducing the presales 'air gap' with our channel partners [more tools in Mitrend, Backstage Pass training, Minors access...]. This proves that your brand ("technologist, sincere/passionate, zero hidden agenda") is both defined and reinforced through your actions and words.

For everyone, it is critical not only to put your best foot forward, but to CONTINUE to do so, and to stay true to both who you are and what you want your brand to be.

And I love helping to prevent a Zombie Apocalypse! :-)

Mike B

Chad, important to note that the "Voyager" 60-drive enclosure can't keep up with the 84-drive, 5u Dell SC280 enclosure in $/TB (at least at street pricing) or TB/RU (Dell gets 67.5TB/RU vs EMC at 60TB/RU).

EMC does do better at power consumption, using only 63% of the power for 72% of the capacity.

I don't think anything comes close to the "Viking" enclosure though, that's going to be an exciting item (especially if it has similar power efficiency and becomes an option for VNX owners as I have some RU-constrained scenarios).


I'm sure I'll know soon. But can you walk though some volume mgmt functions. Like extending drives. Rdf setups pairings etc?

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