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August 22, 2014


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Ben Conrad

Hi Chad,

"This will be the route where VVOLs will expand to the whole VNX family: using Unity using the common C4 codebase and CBFS architecture"

Is the whole VNX family (assuming just VNX2) going to support vVols or just the Unity/C4 models (like VNXe3200)? We've bought (3) 7600's and a 5800 in the past 12 months, sure would be disappointing if in early-2015 EMC says our 1.5 year old arrays won't support vVols.


Chad Sakac

@Ben - thank you for being an EMC customer! We're still finalizing the VNX2 plan. I know the engineering team wants to back-port as much as we can - but I want to emphasize, VVOLs are a material data path change.... Drop me an email, would love to talk about it more, and loop in the product team..


Hey, any updates on VNX2 & vVol futures?
We got few VNX5400 and looking for info on this.

Cedric Megroz

Hi Chad,

Is EMC expect to be ready, to offer vVOL, with vSphere 6 GA for VNX2 and VNXe3200?

Some of my customers will quickly try this technology.

Thanks for your answer !


Chad Sakac

@SK - I'll be doing an update on VNX2 support shortly. Hold tight. The engineering team is trying to pull forward some things.

@Cedric - VNXe3200 will be one of the first, and available after the vSphere 6.0 GA release. VNX2 details are still being ironed out. I'll do a post soon.

John Ford

I have the VMAX3 and XTREMIO and I cannot wait for vvol support.

Finnur Gudmundsson

Nice article.

Are there "known" any timeframes for the VPLEX support? (3rd Quarter/4th Quarter?) :-)


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