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August 22, 2014


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Jim Hathaway

All this about RP for VM and only 1 sentence about VAIO?! I hope you're saving that for a future post...


Hi Chad, we've already invested in choosing SRM as our BCP/DR solution for virtualised workloads and were hoping that vRecoverpoint would give us the synchronous replication missing from vSphere rep.

However, based on what we've been told, there are no plans to integrate (maybe via an SRA of sorts) the SRM orchestration layer over the vRecoverpoint engine. This leaves us with a considerable dilemma as from day 1 it seems unlikely that the vRecoverpoint offering would have parity on the SRM feature-set from a orchestration/management perspective (nor would we expect it to).

Can you shed any light on whether there are any future plans to see these two products mesh a little better?

Chad Sakac

@R - thank you for being a customer!

There is a plan, but it requires the "next gen" SRM. SRM has at it's core only an externally available API for SRAs that deal with "data stores" as the unit of failover. vSphere replication hacks into there, and we're exploring it.

This is why we built some of the SRM functions (but not all as you point out) as the near term option.

Working on it!

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