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August 23, 2014


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Looks like the EMC rednecks sure hate VSAN. With EMC shitting all over VSAN looks like Nutanix is going to win.

Chad Sakac

@SDSMafia - are you willing to disclose who you are?

I guess I don't get how from my article you would think I'm shitting on VSAN. I think VSAN is an awesome choice for the target use cases where it's the right fit.

I think I'm a pragmatist - unless in "SDSMafia" terms, VSAN is the right answer, all the time, for all use cases, for all workloads.

That seems to me to be the worldview of - well... perhaps a fanatic?


Captain VSAN wrote this sooo.. there goes that theory @SDSMafia

Chad Sakac

@Amy - did they see me in my "I'm Captain VSAN" duds? I love VSAN. Seriously. I just don't think it's the answer all the time. Do you?

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