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August 25, 2014


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Chris Mellor

Lots to think about here Chad. Excellent and thought-provoking post. I was struck by mention of ViPR in its latter parts.

Ivan Levendyan

Hey Chad, what is your vision on ScaleIO-powered appliances for VMWare-centric VDI?

Now that EVO:RAIL is announced, what is the future for the architectures like this one, based on ScaleIO and Supermicro: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/partners/emc/ecs_reference_architecture_v11_feb_14.pdf

Mark Vaughn

Great info, thanks for the details and commentary. EVO:RAIL is a great concept, and I am interested to see where it goes from here. Not a new destination, but a new path that looks compelling.


Excellent post Chad - couldn't agree more that the majority of customers should be going the converged route. Also, thank you for calling out the importance of eliminating complexity, especially around the PaaS layer with this type of deployment.


Here's my read on the EVO thing...

In my mind, this program was put in place so the more traditional hardware providers (Dell, HP, IBM, etc.) can get a piece of the pie. These slower moving companies missed the disruptive start to hyper-converged and would each have to innovate a solution on their own.

In steps VMware with a framework, and suddenly all these other providers can jump on the hyper-converged path, and save a lot of R&D costs.

Meanwhile, VMware gets something out of it too. They get to maintain control of the software/managements side, while leveraging the manufacturing prowess of these big metal vendors.


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