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June 10, 2014


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Curtis Miller

I'd LOVE one, and will be more than happy to test, comment, and ship back.
But I'm not 100% if posting this comment is what you are looking for.

Kevin Steil

Whats your first and last name? I am definitely in...

Curtis Miller

I'd appreciate the chance to chance to play with one of those VNXe's.

Mohamed Azzam

VNXe is very competitive product as it provides an EMC product with a good price.
The drawback of the VNXe that it does not supprot the Native FC.
So if VNXe2 solves this issue, VNXe2 is our hero :)

Hesham Derbala

Iam Interested in this test and i commit to shipping it back after testing and also share the information as requested

Alexandru Covaliov

We are in the merket right now for a storage appliance like this one. We have a Promise M610i which is very old and performance is poor to afford our requirements. I would appreciate a chance to try this device in action before make a decision to go with it in production.

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