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May 06, 2014


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Bob Plankers

Chad, I'm having some difficulty with the "truly scale out" comment, seeing as it can only have 4 bricks, and it isn't dynamically expandable. I think your to-do item of dynamic scaling speaks to the lack of online expansion, but did I miss new announcements to the number of bricks possible?

Michael Kerst

Hi Chad, once again a mind-blowing post. Thanks for that. Where did you find the time for this again? I highly appreciate your thoughts and comments on the "All-Flash-Array-Discussions" and can copy that it's incredibly hard to stay with the "mantra" ;-). Especially when you are discussing predictable performance over a longer productive run-time while having all enterprise features up and running. Looking forward to your next blogs. Too bad I couldn't make it to the EMC World this year. CU soon, Michael


Speaking from experience with XIO customers love this technology! thanks for the update each day from World. I think the previous comment on truly scale out is irrelevant the logical capacity served from 4 bricks is huge!

Chris M Evans

Chad, this "scale out" claim won't go away until EMC provides guidance on how XtremIO can (or will) be scaled non-disruptively. Now, none of us would disagree that the architecture is scalable; the design allows for a many-node architecture. However what customers want is for scale out to mean more than just a few fixed configurations but the ability to scale a production system to cater for demand and growth in the field. At the moment, VMAX is more scalable than XtremIO.

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