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May 05, 2014


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I am an existing VNXe customer (3100 with a couple of additional DAEs). It's been a pretty decent box for the workload we've assigned it. I'm liking the look of the 3200 with the addition of FAST Cache and FAST VP, as well as the better performance monitoring/reporting.

A few questions regarding the 3200:

What does the release of the 3200 mean for the ongoing release of updates for the 3100? Will the 3100 still get feature updates?

Is there an upgrade path to take my existing 3100 to the 3200?

Could I take existing DAEs and attach them to the 3200?

Does VNXe now support rebalancing (so when new disks are added, existing data is rebalanced across the new disks as well)?

And not a question, but a comment: The VNXe was originally targeted at the "IT Generalist", but in doing so, the UI was dumbed down too much IMHO. The number of RAID options available has increased over time, but I did hit a situation where we got differing I/O performance between two volumes because the VNXe had automatically decided to layout each volume across a different number of disks, and there was no way to change it without deleting the volumes! Hopefully EMC will be making the UI more fully featured moving fordward. More access to tuning and performance metrics would be very useful - even to those of us who are not dedicated storage admins. Thanks!



There is no upgrade available from VNXe3100/3150/3300 to the new VNXe3200. Also any hardware will not be compatible between the 2 generations, including the DAE's.

Brian Henderson

Hi JR,
I work for EMC and recently launched the EMC VNXe3200 into the market. Thank you for your questions here.

The good news is that the VNXe architecture has gone through such a massive shift with regards to processors, memory, and overall design that we cannot accommodate Data-in-Place upgrades, or backport the new features to the 3100. The 3100 will receive fixes but no new major enhancements like FAST Suite support.

We do offer tools to assist with migration from PowerPath Migration Enabler and can also recommend better tools once we know more about your environment. You cannot take existing DAE's and attach them to 3200 - it is just too different. VNXe does support rebalancing when using FAST Suite.

Also I really liked your comment re: "IT Generalist" and although we stopped using that term for this launch we are still focused on not requiring folks to be storage experts.

One thing you can see in our new UI (which you can download for free by googling "vnxe3200 simulator") is that we balance this nicely. We use industry standard terms like LUNs and RAID Groups and Storage Pools versus more confusing terms like Virtual Pools (which were actually LUNs). We don't force fit RAID groups for disk types as we once did, and allow the customer to make the final call. The team has learned a lot since VNXe3100 and I believe it shows in the final version of the VNXe3200.

Dave Carlton

Is the VNXe 3200 still a linux code base or has it migrated to the same code base as the VNX line


Is there a possibility to move disks from 31xx or 33xx series devices to the new 3200 series devices - or are the disks incompatible as well between devices?


Is FCOE actually supported? The EMC page doesn't list it ... curious because a few customers have asked about FCOE.


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