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May 06, 2014


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If creating a single file pool across multiple sites, how does performance become affected, I know when we break this down it will be about latency. But lets for a moment consider that File A is in the Cluster furthest away from me, once I access and retrieve this data, will the oneFS be smart enough to move File A to the cluster closest to me so access next time is not constricted by latency?


If you place workload in the cloud in essence you're less bothered by latency... which is why a lot of webapp tend to be developed with cloud framework. Does it matter when you watch a video online is the film is in a remote location? No because you buffer it for rapid local access. If data must be local, set isilon policy for the file to remain local to the user or application. Alternatively use caching policies to store most recent access data locally.


We are really looking forward for Multisite OneFS that would be super cool. On the other hand we are very curious if also the small things get fixed and improved, like the missing "NFS sub-directory visible" setting in SnapshotIQ or Zone features for NFS to support different NFSv4 NAmespaces.

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