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May 01, 2014


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Markus Zappolino

Excellent read and good too understand that for In Memory DB EMC has already a Product.
To me this is the right answer for future SAP Hana Storage Systems.

Peter Marelas

Lets wait for the latency figures but there probably is a 6th phylum you have not touched on yet that gets us from Ultra to Extreme Hot :) using DRAM for the data with an adjacent persistence layer (nvram/flash/disk) to deal with failures. An example of this is RAMCloud.

EMC SockMonkey

Good read but my brain hurts... Can't wait to learn about the data services. I hope that those advanced data services that customers have come accustom to on EMC products are at or above what we have today.


Great write up Chad! After last weeks EMCWorld sessions and now finally re-reading (more importantly understanding the DSSD effect)...I am am super fired up of the face melting innovation we are building for SAP HANA workloads. It's also super cool that EMC is willing to challenge the status quo solving the similar problems in a better, faster, and cheaper way (sometimes cannibalizing existing platforms).
P.S. I am planning to write a blog post on DSSD as it relates to SAP, however mine will not be this technical :-)
Disclosure - I am an EMC employee


What DSSD stands for?


Interesting that this would be a new phylum, to me it looks like a variant or maybe evolution of type 2. Data still resides on media which sits behind a couple of brains that has a complete view. Sure, it's not in the data path as the other type 2's, but does that really matter from a tree of life view.


I'll reply back to my own post. The more and more I've come to think about this, the clearer it gets that it actually is a 5th branch. I first saw it as a stretch from type 1 or 2, but when you realise it really is all about the app and how to interact with media in the shortest path possible and getting away from all "stuff" that sits in-between.

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