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April 24, 2014


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Dave Henry

I'm not a customer, but we're partners with both EMC and VMware, and I'm definitely interested in vVols if you've got room for one more in the session...

Björn Stapelmann

As a Vmware Enterprise partner and EMC OEM I would like to Take Part at this NDA session.

Thanks and see You in Vegas


Jonas Nagel

Hi Chad

We're a Swiss EMC Signature Partner and likewise VMware Premier Solution/Service Provider and would be interested in such a session on the futures of vVols et al.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Jonas

Bob Brown


We recently deployed a VNX5800 and VVols is something I'm interested in hearing more of.

Ben Conrad

Hi Chad,

I'll be at EMC World, I'd like to attend the vVol NDA session(s).

We started out last year with (2) VNX 5300's and since then we've purchased another (3) 7600's. We are about 92% virtualized using VMware, about 1100 VMs many of which are SQL servers. We're using AppSync and Recoverpoint on all VNX. The MCx VNX's are all thin and doing very well.

I'm very interested in how you & VMware guys are going to help get around the limitations imposed by # of LUNs per host, Luns per target, # of targets, Thin reclaim, etc. BTW, we are a large (very large) iSCSI shop on 10Gb.



Gavin Sharkey

Hi Chad,

We are both a partner and a customer in new zealand - i'll be attending EMC world and would love to attend this session if there are speaces available,


Duco Jaspars

Hi Chad,VMware is still spelled VMware, not VMWare, naughty boy ;-)
"If you are a customers that are highly virtualized (VMWare) "

Chad Sakac

Thanks Duco! It gets everyone, even me :-)

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