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January 21, 2014


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I love the change over the past few years from EMC and VMware being afraid of OpenStack, to both companies embracing it as an evolution of private cloud platforms.

I am looking forward to seeing increased participation beyond drivers and plugins, and into contributing to and improving projects that consume them.

There are an amazing amount of talented storage experts inside of EMC. I am eagerly awaiting the day when they are able to improve projects (cinder would be a good start) to more fully take advantage of all the neat features that EMC products have to offer.


Aimon Bustardo

The ISCSI "direct" driver for EMC is finally the proper path. What Openstack consumers do not want is to have to pay for yet another license and host a VMWare VM to get their storage handled. I see that the latest of this driver supports FC. How about handing the FC zoning natively also?


Hi Chad,

I know this is an older post but does the FC driver support FCoE as we have our VNX setup FCoE end to end?

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