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November 21, 2013


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Scott Belz

As someone who has installed both VMAX and VNX, you can see that the hardware is so close that it seems the separation is the microcode. It will be fun to see if/when those will be the same too. Change is often scary, but it also wakes up the sleeping parts of the brain that have been on cruise control.

Thanks for the post. Good to hear about the internal workings of the mission going forward.

Endre Peterfi

At EMC we are constantly changing - and change is good, I agree with that! The bigger we get, the harder it will be for us to make changes quickly (see, HP, IBM) but because of the way we acquire and enable companies (RSA, VMware and now Pivotal) we can argue that we can keep it up. I must say every year-end at EMC is exciting: bring more change with the re-shuffling of the accounts, SE's, promotions, new initiatives from corporate for next year with maybe a new theme, something new to focus on. It never gets boring, that is one thing I can say for sure. The more you do - the more you learn, and the more you know the more credibility you have in front of your customer. Just please,please whatever you do marketing teams, don't rename some products with the pace you did with some in the past - we will confuse our customers more than they already are with our portfolio :-). This newes move however will help with a better positioning and here I must say your VW/Audi/Porsche analogy is great.

Alan Warwick

Chad, you say "It's hard to drive that change when you're doing well". It's even harder when you're not doing well. Do it while you're on a roll :)

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