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September 04, 2013


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Nicholas York

Wow. Amazing. Glad to see analyzer included with the core product now. Incredible performance improvements. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Clariion, glad to see it keeps getting better and better.


Hey Chad,

VNX customer, totally pissed off that a 1yro,2yro arrays won't receive the juice that MCx is expected to offer. It's all good and all evolution and because of memory and because of new hardware (hey, wasn't it "all about the software" ?), but there's one thing that stinks to high heaven: investment protection. Total, epic, fail.

I'm not talking about a dusty rusty clariion or celerra... and even IF I'd be willing to spend MORE money for another hw upgrade (which I'm not), why should I believe that my new investment would be protected this time?

Seriously, this matters to me (and most, I do believe) a lot more than a x% improvement on a workload most of us won't ever ever have.

If there's one good thing about all this stuff is that it gives even more credit to the SDS "vision", and the inherent/implied evolution that make us think and hope that this kind of "strategy" (buy big, cry in shame) isn't going to be viable for the future.

Chad Sakac

@Nick - hope you're well, and yes, it does keep getting better and better.

@PJ - I'm sorry. Now, there is a whole bunch of things that customers like you are getting. So - if you liked what you bought (a VNX), and are happy with what it is doing - it is going to get better - AT NO COST TO YOU.
- You will get VDMs and VDM mobility - non-disruptive mobility of NAS workloads. THIS IS HUGE.
- You will get a big lift in transactional NAS/SMB performance.
- You get SMB 3.0 (and BranchCache).
- You will see XCOPY performance improvements all getting back-ported.

One more thought - don't misunderstand the full software-only storage data services planes - they all also have minimum requirements, just not a specific hardware platform - this actually is similar to the root thing here.

If that's insufficient - I've emailed you directly, and will work with you and your local team.

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