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August 28, 2013


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Comments on what those of us with current Gen VNX platforms should expect out of this release, especially with regards to deduplication and latency improvements? Lack of dedupe, especially on LUNS with VMs has been a bit of a headache for us as far as storage costs. It will be a shame if the performance penalty for enabling dedupe is too high for early adopters.


I sure hope EMC will put in the effort to backport the rockies MCx code for the current line of VNX.


Hi Chad,

Yes I am a customer and one of the larger in my country. What we would like to see is more info for existing VNX customers who have stuck with EMC through he transition. One big question I have and I understand that the MCx software will not run on current VNX CPU's due to core counts but can the the current storage processors be upgraded by sliding them out of the chassis and putting new ones in? I know not in place as the RAID code has changed and thus the data would be lost but this could be avoided by temporary loan disks and moving the LUNs to them during the upgrade could it not? Also if this is all too hard then an upgrade path moving forward as a forklift requirement might get signed off this time but with the way the market is moving monolithic forklift upgrades will be un-achievable in the near future. And last of all is the EMC disk price does EMC understand that the cost of their disks is the sole reason they have competitors yes it has warranty yes it has support but if I can get them for market price (here in NZ that is less than 1/4 EMC price) then I have no problem paying for replacements as needed and I can then finally expand storage to retain data the company wants without vast costs for scaling storage (I might have closer to 1PB instead of 100TB).

Lastly I think it might be time for a VSI blog update as the EMC website shows the VSI vSphere webclient but the install docs for the latest version all mention the C# client.

p.s. VNX cloud edition might be a better fit but :) care to share?

Ben Conrad

S. Fuller and Adam, from my understanding there may be limited backporting of MCx features but only when they don't require the performance boost that MCx provides. For example, don't expect block de-duplication or smaller slices sizes in the VNX.



Hi Chad,

Will the VNX Simulator that's used by the partner for training and testing also be getting an software update or is that no being considered?

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