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August 27, 2013


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Too easy. 0x means it is in hexadecimal, and it is an ASCII string. http://linux.die.net/man/8/fsck


SO hex to binary...







T.C. Grissom

Clouds are FSCKING awesome

0x4653434b494e47 = FSCKING


got it:
Clouds are FSCKING Awesome

did i win one of these shirts? ;)

Amnon Izhar

Clouds are Fscking awesome! Thanks @NixFred

David Zhang

Still very PG - the shirt has "FSCKING" in hex ;)

Dan Rodriguez

Fred's shirt shows 0x4653434b494e47. Here it is converted "FSCKING".

0x (NULL)
46 = F
53 = S
43 = C
4b = K
49 = I
4e = N
47 = G

Stefan Schmugge

let see if I got that right:
- 2x is 2 times NUL so nothing (ignored)
- then we have HEX to symbol which would be the following:
F S (53 instead of 55? probably on purpose...) C K I N G

have a great time at vmworld and all the best from Germany


Fred Nix

You are ALL correct! FSCKING! Bahahahahaha....every time Chad allows us to do one of these crazy videos Im very GRATEFUL and also ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN they will NEVER let us do it again! Bhahahahahahaha.

James Haefele

guys - last year i was ducking my head (probably just because I was one of the non=PSY fans).. having watched this video im laughing and not embarrassed.. viral and great

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