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July 11, 2013


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Sounds like more EMC hardware bias. I want discrete hardware stacks with a common management platform. Give me VMWare with whatever storage best meets the need for the particular business function and cost management container for the case.

Joseph Angeletti

When I look at technology like this combined with hyper scale server platforms such as project moonshot I begin to finally see an emergent path for infrastructure side of technology. This provides the groundwork for the evolution of software from silo'd management heavy deployments into massive scale self managing systems.

I can now see imaginations becoming reality. Not a far stretch to see how systemic things will become as developers are less and less constrained by technological lock in and minutia of deployment. It's but a short time before applications are able to determine where their data lives and how it's protected. Real time analytics built in making decisions about dependencies, access, security, IO profile, etc. DR and HA determined by SLA and self implemented with open information available from the internet and the internet of things regarding trending fault potentials of the hardware said application lives on, data centers those reside in, and networks they communicate over. Costly migrations a thing of the past. Can't wait to see how far this goes.

Thanks EMC for yet again being innovatively disruptive at the right time with the right move. Still wondering where you found that magic crystal ball...

Icilio Pascucci

Just like the success of VMware has been related to Intel’s capacity to increase its CPU’s power and functionalities, I think that the success of this “distributed” model of infrastructure will heavily depend on the capacity of new PCIe standards to maintain what they are promising.
The new PICIe features (increased bandwidth, PCIe switches and fabrics, cable connections to interconnect different chassis) could really be disruptive with respect the current approach to the Data Center infrastructure.
Just search the internet for things like: PCIe 3 over Cable or PCIe Fabric...

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