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July 02, 2013


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Eric De Witte

You forgot to mention how easy it is to deploy !

One of my local customer sent me a screenshot of their dashboard less than one hour after I sent them the announcement of the availability of ESA 1.5.

ESA and VCOPS Rock !

(Emc employee)


Hi Chad,

Not sure what you mean by priced for 100% attachment but when I pressed our partner there is no way we will pay the price we were quoted for the plugin given the cost we already spend on our VNX..... Would love to see/use it but down here in NZ I'm not sure the message has got through.


great use case!



I had this quoted by my VAR and it was something like $70K for mu VNX5500. Way too pricy.

If I had $70K, I'd spend it on SSDs or more spinning disks.

Eric G.

Chad, I tried to obtain this in the fashion you mention here and EMC Licensing told me this was inaccurate. I have emailed you, and would love to get some more details. Thanks!


Hi Chad, how does this integrate with the new vCenter Operations Manager (Foundation edition) that is bundled free with vSphere now?

Can the EMC Adapter just be added to Foundation edition or does it need a second “vCenter Ops for EMC Storage” instance dedicated to the adapter because it relies on the storage features only found in the Advanced editon?

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