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June 25, 2013


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Mike Kiersey

Hi Chad,

Inspired to speak out about SAP, and Specifically SAP HANA. SAP HANA is one of the most disruptive technologies that has been released in the past couple years with customers and partners embarking on prototyping new solutions that will enable organisations to have access to timely access to accurate data and NOT just SAP data!

I am working on a large proof of concepts with one of EMC’s advisory alliance partners, to provide consistence, accurate and timely access to information for financial services. This solution is expect to show case the ability to analyse 10’s of billions of rows of data coming into solution from batch feeds and realtime injection of transactions from other sources. The data will be modelled and present to the end users using a sophisticated visualisation tool, to allow users to drill down into the data.

The POC is about to commence at our Solution Centre in Cork, the solution is based on VCE’s converged HANA appliance and Vblock 320 architecture for supporting application services.

This solution also included EMC Networker and DataDomain for solution resiliency and data protection, also our SRM and Watch4Net is being used to supporting the management and monitoring of the infrastructure solutions. Further investigation is happening to look at continuous availability, data archiving and security.

If you want to hear more about what we are doing happy to setup an internal webex! – “Confidential Project” – expected launch end of Q3!!

As I stated before, HANA is a disruptive technology in the market today, the key is finding a right use case!

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