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May 14, 2013


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Mary Beth Raven

Thanks for the stats on the Hands-on Lab. I could tell it was pretty popular. Many of our customers might not know, but we also had a usability lab at EMC World. Much smaller than the hands-on lab, but different in that the things in the usability lab were all about testing and shaping FUTURE products. Here are more details and some photos http://uxblog.emc.com/2013/05/14/emc-world-usability-lab-an-overview-and-some-stats/

And if any customers would like to sign up to particpate in usability tests and other feedback sessions in the future, they can do so here: https://emcinformation.com/146505/REG/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.ashx

Mary Beth Raven
Director of User Experience Design, ASD Division of EMC


Dear Chad ,
When it is available on EMC vLab Portal v1.0 ???

Jan Kalicki

Hey Chad

Interesting numbers for labs delivered/VM's deployed, but they are roughly half of last year. I was part of JT's team that built and delivered that, and although I usually turn a blind eye to revisionist history, you may want to review the "much more than last year" claim.

Last years numbers are out there, and not hard to find

Ex vSpecialist who doesn't want to see you have to explain that away - no need to post this, it's just an FYI

David Allen

Hi, is there any means of accessing uncompleted labs? I've registered on projectnee in connection with VMware and noticed an EMC world lab in my transcript. Looks like it might be potentially accessible if I were to register or something. Any ideas?


Hey Jan,

Good catch on the stats. During the show we were running two environments in the HOL, the larger was via Nee (stats as outlined in the post above), and then a secondary environment was used (vLab) to run the hardware based labs and a couple of the more heavy lifting labs (ie: resource intensive labs such as VMAX). This secondary environment served up around 1800 labs in total. Unfortunately we could port the combined stats of both environments (as per last year) to the single stats screen interface so the 2500 approx figure is a little misleading.

The plan for next year (at this stage) is to have the entire EMC World environment run off a single platform which will bring a number of benefits, such as consolidated real-time stats (labs taken, etc) and management.

Missed working with you on the HOL this year!

Keep in touch,


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