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March 20, 2013


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I would love to go to EMCWorld, but Australia.

Projekt Domu

I'll be there, I can't wait.

Rich D

This really motivates me to get my funds together and attend the conference. Nice post

Mike B

No VNX2 announcement? :sadpanda:

Unless it's part of Project Bourne, and you're just not pilling the beans...

Chad Sakac

@Andrew - we'll bring it to you! (I'm sure the local EMC team and partners will be bringing the content over).

@Domu - hope to see you!

@Rich D - excellent - we'll see you there!

@Mike B - I didn't say everything that would be there :-) Come see for yourself!

Jim Ekberg-Hegner

Hi Chad

In the graphics you show a Uspeed session tuesday and wednesday, are partners who are Uspeed members allowed to participate, like last we did last year, and where can we get info on the sessions. there is nothing in the SE app about the Uspeed..

Jeff Klein

Is there a way to get a pass to the exhibit hall without buying the full conference package? I will be at Interop that week in Las Vegas and would love to stop buy EMCword for an afternoon and look around. My company would be potential exhibitors.

Mike B

No VNX2 (well I suppose it was on stage but no juicy details) The MCx technology demo was impressive though, hopefully existing VNX customers will be able to take advantage of the improved thread scheduling and flash optimization on the existing platform.

As someone potentially looking at software to replace an aging Backup Exec install along with a dedupe appliance and email archiving, the Data Protection Suite was certainly welcome news. Hopefully big discounts when sold alongside DataDomain boxes :)

Hope you had fun!

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