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February 07, 2013


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D Swift

I agree with this. Most customers are interested in Active-Active solutions. I always tread carefully here as there are other surrounding features that you have to be aware of such as layer 2 networking between sites and the mind set that they are active active and the whole concept of this. This is demonstrated by the host affinity groups you mention above which is best practice but not always implemented which can cause issues, and confusion. With VPLEX becoming more cost attractive and the technology progressing at the rate it is, it is hard not to mention active-active. My customers who have this technology in swear by it and will not consider anything less for any of their data centers. If an SRM vs VPLEX document is out there I would like a look if not I need to get creating one......:-)


Disclaimer - Sys Integrator (EMC, NetApp, HP, IBM).

When I search the VMware HCL for supported "FC Metro Cluster Storage" solutions. I see plenty of Fujitsu, NetApp/N Series and some HP and HDS, but no EMC.

When I just use "VPLEX" as a keyword - there it is.

Just sayin'.



Disclaimer - I am a product manager on the VPLEX team.

I wanted to respond to your comment above. VPLEX gets categorized by VMware under the FC-SVD category ('Storage Virtualization Device'). If you search under the 'FC-SVD Metro Cluster Storage' category, all the devices qualified under this category show up including VPLEX.


I think the correct answer here is "both". I have been looking for a 3-site solution now for over a year which would let us do both - have a split-cluster at two metro sites share a common replication relationship with a distant third site for SRM. No one can do this yet but I know a lot of effort is being directed at this problem from several different vendors. Ultimately it's about providing the highest levels of availability and preformance to the business.

Can't wait to see what EMC comes to market with....

Chad Sakac

@Cdodson - thanks for the feedback, and certainly if you can do both, that is a sweet solution :-) You CAN do this now. A stretched cluster using VPLEX can have a 3 site (async or sync) using RecoverPoint and SRM. This is supported, and lots of positive feedback on this solution - check it out!

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